Why Wild?

It is one of the most peculiar & awe-inspiring phenomena: the dandelion that has bloomed in the centre of a paved parking lot; the tree roots that have cracked the solid cement sidewalk; the sprouts that have navigated their way towards the light from the darkness that is a plowed field.

Wild things are inherently resilient & adaptable, both characteristics helping them to thrive even in difficult, unlikely environments. Even when all circumstances seem to conspire against their thriving, there they are. They are incredibly intelligent. Wild plants are said to be the “givers of light” to us humans; the transmuters of the sun’s energetic potency & the embodiment of nature’s spirit. Therefore, the more wild plants we integrate into our lives, the more resilient we will inevitably become ourselves. As a result, our deepening sense of unity with nature and its wildness becomes a major proponent of our healing on a physical, mental & emotional level.

To partake in nature’s wild dance is to reawaken your own inherent wildness; it is that essence within you that is untamed, daring & chaotically, yet beautifully, orchestrated.

Many of our Sun Powered Soap Co. products are made with wild ingredients. Wildness is a step beyond naturalness, for what is wild is untouched by the regulating hands of human interference. Wildness is nature in its purest form.

To be wild is to be liberated, yet deeply rooted in place; independent, yet cooperative; untamed, yet orchestrated; strong, yet intuitive.
It’s there in you, can you feel it?

Stay wild,

Jaylyn Bernachi
Owner at Sun Powered Soap Co.

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