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My name is Jaylyn Bernachi and I co-create with nature. I love to live by the seasons outside & inside my own body, as I feel this to be the natural creative process for a harmonious life. This isn’t usually easy in a fast-paced world. But nevertheless, SunPowered was created out of a desire to work & live in rhythm with nature, while still serving others through herbalism within a heart-centred business. 
Everything you see on this site is organic, handmade & sustainably created at a natural pace. My intention is for you to feel empowered & at ease buying from SunPowered knowing that these products are created with your health & our earth in mind.

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Why Circular Soaps?

In the study of sacred geometry, circles represent unity, wholeness & the cyclic movement of life. Our soaps represent an understanding & a respect for these sacred laws of nature.

Long Lasting Formula

Our soaps are made with an organic vegetable glycerin base, which means they won't melt on the side of your sink or shower ledge. Body bars can last for weeks while hand bars can even last for months! That is the value of organic glycerin.