Why Vegan?

If we love our life here on earth, we have to live in a way that is sustainable not only for our individual selves, but for all of the lives we share this planet with. We must courageously follow a path that is intended to work for everyone.

Our focused intention at Sun Powered Soap Co. is to be a humble yet vital part of the growing movement of naturalism & veganism. Fortunately, we find ourselves in a time where sustainable lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular and shifts towards a more natural lifestyle are beginning to take place on a large scale.

In my own life, I have admittedly played a part in the issues that the humans, animals and the environment currently face. But the pivotal moment in my life was to pull myself out of hopelessness and into empowerment as I began to see how I might make a difference.True self confidence feels like living in a space where I not only know that my actions have a ripple effect in the world, but deeply understanding what that means, & thus consciously choosing to act upon that truth everyday. It is from hope & from love that all powerful actions spring from.

Sun Powered Soap Co. was born out of a desire to contribute to the good that is undoubtedly happening in the world right now, by providing humans like you with trustworthy, healthful, sustainable & mutually beneficial products. We intend to play a part in alleviating at least a portion of the destruction done to the environment by following a healthy & progressive business model, and developing an environmentally-friendly process in the making and distribution of our soaps. So you can feel good both on the outside & the inside about shopping with us.

We believe in the power of the human spirit & we believe that our customers do, too. We believe in changing the world for the better & we are in on the secret that everyone shares in this desire on some level & in their own unique way. From a broader perspective, our intention is to contribute to a community that is built on foundations of generosity, compassion, trust & patience. There is no question that each of us loves our planet deeply, for she provides everything that we need. To love something is to give back to it, to protect & respect it, and to cease taking more than we need from it.

My team is dedicated to your support along your path, extending beyond your use of our soaps if you so wish our correspondence to do so.

Lets grow together. Lets heal together.

With gratitude,

Jaylyn Bernachi
Owner at Sun Powered Soap Co.

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