Our Intention

If we want to go anywhere (whether geographically or figuratively) we should first intend wholeheartedly to get there.

 I intend on travelling deeply into the world & reawakening a connection to nature & a connection to ourselves that has been buried. I intend on playing my part in creating a world where people feel free, empowered & informed about what goes into their bodies & onto their skin. Too many of our daily products are filled with confusing chemicals & harsh additives for the sake of aesthetic appeal or synthetic scent. But nature has already provided us with all of the lovely scents & nurturing properties that we could ever need or even possibly want.

I have been soaking in this incredible journey of creating all natural, vegan & eco-friendly products like a sponge…a journey that began when I was just a child, roaming around outside in the fields behind my grandmother’s yard, feeling so connected to nature that I could hear her voice & speak her language. I carried this integral relationship with me throughout my entire life and, now, into my work.

Today, I am noticing this fascinating dichotomy between the rise of seemingly endless options for products like soap, but also a distinct rise in our desire to connect to nature through what we touch, eat, or consume in any fashion. Thus, the ‘green consumer,’ (as I like to call this sector of people who are conscious about what they consume) is simultaneously gaining in momentum. And that is doubly fascinating to me.

So, welcome to Sun Powered Soap Co., where our products are not powered by harsh chemicals, perfumes & additives; quite simply, our ingredients are powered by the sun (and maybe a few sacred mantras) before they reach your skin.

With gratitude,
Jaylyn Bernachi

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  1. Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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