LOVE Breast + Body Oil


✳︎ Supports breast health
✳︎ Hydrates + repairs skin
✳︎ Cultivates self-Love

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Organic pumpkin seed oil sun-infused with organic calendula flower, yarrow flower & lavender bud. Sweetly scented with violet essential oil + preserved with nutrient rich vitamin E.

Pumpkin seed oil supports the overall health and structure of skin. It is rich in essential vitamins, minerals + omegas. Calendula flower is anti-inflammatory, while yarrow moisturizes. Lavender & violet have been added to soothe both skin + mind, and vitamin E to preserve both your skin + the oil, maintaining freshness and repairing skin’s structure.

To use: gently massage the breasts in rhythmic circles with this sacred oil, opening your heart with deep breaths as you do so. Our breasts are major energy centres in the body; massaging them ensures a healthy flow of energy, lymph + blood, which is essential for maintaining overall breast health. As a bonus, self-massage is a deeply enriching self-care practice that cultivates self-love – a necessary ingredient for life!

Ingredients: organic pumpkin seed oil, organic calendula flower, organic yarrow flower, organic lavender buds, violet essential oil, vitamin E.

8 oz glass amber bottle with pump


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