Throat Chakra Balancing Bar


✴︎Self Expression
✴︎Boosts brain function
✴︎Anti-oxidant rich
✴︎All Natural
✴︎Gluten free
✴︎Organic base
✴︎Sustainably made
✴︎Charged with mantra



The throat chakra is responsible for your relationship with yourself, with your highest Truth & your ability to express that Truth into the world. This blend of essential oils will inspire you to connect with & balance your relationship with this chakra. Rosemary oil specifically helps to boost brain function, memory & communication. This bar is best used in the shower for a full sensory experience.

Ingredients: Organic base (sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, sorbitol [fruit sugar], salt), jojoba oil, lavender and rosemary oils, chamomile water, woad powder.


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