Shakti’s Garden Flower Bars


✴︎Floral & feminine
✴︎Supports women’s health
✴︎Supports skin health



Spring into full bloom with this richly floral & tantalizing blend of botanical essential oils. Evening primrose oil forms the base of this bar to help soothe dry, irritated skin & rehydrate to welcome the change of seasons. Geranium oil is proven to help uplift mood & balance hormones. Lavender and bergamot are popular aromatherapy oils for relieving anxiety. Jasmine oil calms & works as an antispasmodic (can be helpful for women with PMS). While palmarosa oil and chamomile water are hydrating and can help reduce inflammation in the skin…all in one unique bar!  Ground into Mother Earth with each use.

*This bar comes in three different floral shapes: sunflower, dahlia flower & anemone flower molds. You can request one or a combination of these flower molds in your purchase notes.

Ingredients: Organic base (sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, sorbitol [fruit sugar], salt), evening primrose oil, geranium, jasmine, lavender, bergamot, palmarosa oils, chamomile floral water, French red clay.


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