Aloe Vera & Rose Water Toner







This toner is a magical formula for softer, smoother skin that feels deeply cleansed without the harsh chemicals. Rose water will balance the natural pH balance of your skin while deeply cleansing dirt & oil from pores. Aloe vera is known to help signs of acne while soothing & smoothing. Our witch hazel distillate is raw and alcohol-free, which means it will help to shrink pores without drying out your precious facial skin. Lastly, geranium oil is used as an aromatherapy oil to help balance hormones as well as treat acne-prone skin. The perfect blend!

To use: simply spray directly onto makeup free skin with eyes closed and wipe enter face down with an organic cotton pad. Or, spray directly onto cotton pad to cleanse face of deep seeded dirt & oils. Suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients: Purified water, aloe vera juice, rose water, witch hazel distillate, geranium oil.


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